All albums have been produced by Graeme Duffin at The Foundry Music Lab.

A variety of professional musicians sing and play on these recordings. They are all established recording artists in their own right and have been chosen to bring out the best in each of David’s songs:

Graeme Duffin

Graeme has had a stellar career in the pop music industry. He has played lead guitar for the Scottish band Wet Wet Wet since 1983 and rewrote the arrangement for their most famous hit ‘Love is all around’ which stayed at No.1 in the charts for 15 weeks.

He also produced this record as well as helping many other artists and in 2006 opened a recording studio in Motherwell with two friends, Ted Blakeway and Sandy Jones.

Gareth Davies-Jones

Recognised by commentators as an established talent in the Troubador tradition and with ten years as a professional musician Gareth is a seasoned singer-songwriter/guitarist. He has appeared at many of the UK’s best known venues and Festivals and his music combines the roots, acoustic and folk traditions.

His beautifully arranged, evocative songs have been featured on BBC Radio 2, Radio 4 & BBC Local Radio across the UK. He’s often to be found using his talents with organisations such as Traidcraft, Christian Aid and Globalcare, helping to raise awareness of their work through music.

Rob Halligan

Described by the BBC as “Bruce Springsteen having English tea with Billy Bragg” award winning recording artist and songwriter Rob Halligan started life in a school punk band in Worthing.

10 years after the release of his first studio album, Halligan has toured extensively, won awards, great reviews and radio airplay. From living on the streets as a teenager to travelling the world, Rob’s songs draw from the stories and experiences that create a natural connection with his listeners time and time again.

Chris Judge

Leader of Glasgow-based Soul Nation Choir, Chris works as a vocal coach after a varied solo career that has included singing for the Queen at her diamond jubilee celebrations and as a backing singer for stars like Lulu. He also provides the vocals for the rock and roll bagpipe collective, The Red Hot Chilli Pipers. Soul Nation Choir has established a reputation as Scotland’s foremost rock choir, performing on the BBC and on sell out tours as well as private functions.

Yvonne Lyon

Singer/songwriter Yvonne Lyon is among the best and brightest talent currently emerging from the UK.

She has consistently stirred audiences across the UK and beyond with her emotive performances, combining poignant lyrics with creative melodies and demonstrating a voice that can be both fragile and intense.

In 2009 Yvonne was among the winners of the Burnsong International Songwriting competition and performed her winning song ‘All is not lost’ at the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh. She performs on both BBC1 and BBC2.

Nicky Murray

Nicky is an amazing new talent with a distinctive voice. Some have called him the Bert Jansch of his generation. This traditional folk style with skilled and sensitive finger work is not often heard now and he creates an intimate and personal connection with the listener. His first album, ‘Plenty more weeping’ with his partner, the fiddle player Chloe Rodgers, is available on Bandcamp.

Esther O’Connor

Young Scottish artist Esther O’Connor had a record deal with EMI at the age of 18. After some solo work and a spell as a country and western singer in the USA, she has now established a new band Ashton Lane with her husband, Tim. They recently released their fifth album on their own label, Redhead Records.

The band has toured all over the UK and Europe, particularly in Scandanavia. They are still actively involved in their local community in Glasgow, leading many local music nights.